Founder and Creative Director of CUBAtone, Alain Hernandez, originally from Havana, Cuba moved to the UK in 2000. Alain Hernández from Cuba, Comes from a very strong Afro-Cuban religion and dance background. Learned to dance at school and “Casa de la Cultura” in Vedado, Havana also in “La colmenita” Company learning Salsa, Rumba, Mambo, Danzón, Cha cha chá, Mozambique, Pilón – traditional Cuban dances, Afro-Cuban dances and all those elegant European influenced dances that they used to do in the salons.

Since moving to the UK Alain has also become a personal trainer and focused on teaching Salsa and fitness. He strived to promote and introduce people to Cuban music and to the Cuban style of living a healthy and happy life by blending dance and fitness into a new concept called CUBAtone. Since then he became a regular teacher at some of the Uk's biggest Salsa and Fitness Events, as well as, Festivals and Congress and claimed the “Salsa teacher of the year” award in 2012. In 2016, CUBAtone fitness was awarded the Made in Bristol Best Fitness Facility, an award that was entirely based on public voting demonstrating CUBAtone’s popularity in the fitness industry in the South West.

With over a decade of experience in the fitness and health industry, Alain developed and established the CUBAtone brand of fitness in 2008, running regular classes in local gyms as well as independent locations all over United Kingdom.